9 Essential Podcasts for Remote Workers, Managers, and Teams

Nathan Allen

by Nathan Allen

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9 Essential Podcasts for Remote Workers, Managers, and Teams
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From digital nomads to dispersed teams to newly remote workers, these podcasts have you covered.

Like most things these days, remote work is constantly changing and evolving. From managing a remote team to managing your kids while working from a makeshift office in your living room, tools, tips, software, and strategies are available to help you become the most productive remote-working version of yourself. Whether you’re working out, doing the dishes, or staring at the ceiling, popping in some earbuds and listening to one of these podcasts can help you achieve just that.

  1. About Abroad:
    If you’re looking for inspiration and practical advice on how to build a life of digital nomadism, look no further. Warrington speaks from experience, as he’s worked remotely full-time since 2009. As the head of business development at Doist, a remote-first company with 85 employees in more than 30 companies, Warrington himself is based in Spain, although he is originally from the United States. He releases at least one new podcast episode per week. Our shameless plug: Check out his April 19, 2021, episode featuring our CEO and founder, Jesse Chambers, talking about his life on the road in an Airstream.

  2. 21st Century Work Life:
    Produced by the women who run the Virtual Bot Distant blog, this podcast also delves into many intriguing aspects of remote work. For example, a June 2020 episode on the impact of remote work on communities includes an interview with one of the leaders behind Vermont’s initiative to pay remote workers to move to the state. One of this podcast’s strengths is its willingness to get into the nitty-gritty. Check out this episode from August 2020, focusing on asynchronous communication among remote teams, or this one from September of that year, which examines emotional intelligence in remote teams.

  3. Rework:
    Created by project management software Basecamp, a remote-first company, this podcast provides valuable insights into remote work, in terms of both Basecamp’s approach and stories from other businesses. An April 2020 episode, for instance, explores how fitness and wellness companies have adapted to the pandemic, even though that industry doesn’t necessarily lend itself to remote work. An October 2020 episode centers on what companies are doing to support women and families working remotely with young children at home.

  4. The Freelance Friday Podcast:
    Although this podcast from marketer Latasha James is geared toward freelancers, full-time remote employees can also benefit from many of the episodes, thanks to the overlap between the lifestyles of freelancers and virtual workers. For example, the July 9, 2021 episode was the first in a series that James called "Healthy Business." This series might be helpful for remote workers looking to set new goals that include improving overall well-being. We like James’s in-depth coverage of interesting topics, like how to replace a full-time salary as a freelancer, and finding balance, setting boundaries, and avoiding burnout.

  5. Managing Remote Teams:
    As its name implies, this podcast is all about managing remote teams. Hosted by entrepreneur Lukasz Szyrmer, the podcast has been running regularly since July 2020. Szyrmer interviews other thought leaders on topics like setting up your remote team for success, achieving psychological safety, and shifting company culture.

  6. The Remote Show:
    We like this one because it interviews entrepreneurs and executives at some of the world’s most influential remote working and entrepreneurial companies. Recent episodes have featured interviews with the president of Global Workplace Analytics, the CEO and cofounder of Wordpress, and the founder of The Remote Nomad.

  7. Skills for Mars:
    Hosted by psychologist and talent acquisition veteran Iulia Istrate, this video podcast is about the new and evolving ways the world works. Definitely check out Istrate’s six-episode Starting Remote series, as well as her Making Remote Work series, which is super detailed and thorough.

  8. WorkLife:
    Hosted by prolific Wharton School professor Adam Grant, WorkLife was one of Apple Podcasts’ most downloaded new shows when it debuted in 2018. The podcast covers multiple aspects of modern work, but some episodes concentrate specifically on remote work. We’ve recently enjoyed discussions on how science can fix remote work and why burnout is everyone’s problem.

  9. Remote Works:
    This podcast, launched in May 2020 by software company Citrix, shares stories about the many different aspects of remote work—both positive and challenging. From describing professional football players’ remote training regimens to revealing how news reporters shoot segments from their home setups, this podcast covers far more than just 9-to-5 office jobs. Check out Episode 2, which looks at the technology to which the Colorado Symphony and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra transitioned after going remote in spring 2020.

Whether you’re new to remote work, have been doing it for years, manage a team of remote workers, or are just exploring the idea of becoming permanently WFA, you’ll find these podcasts worthwhile. Scan the descriptions for a few that catch your eye, and try them out. Happy listening!


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